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  • How many people is required for a typical drone operation?
    A typical drone operation will require 1-3 crew members. A Part 107 licensed operator is required to maintain visual of the drone by direct line of sight or through the use of 1 or more Visual Observers.
  • What is a Visual Observer?
    A Visual Observer is a person designated by the Drone Pilot to aid in maintaining Visual Line of Sight of the Drone and/or help the pilot avoid air traffic and other obstacles. Visual Observers are often an important and necessary part of Drone Operations.
  • Where in New York do you operate? Do you operate anywhere else?
    We are stationed in New York City, but operate throughout the state, mostly Long Island and along the Hudson Valley. We also work in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey. Contact us today to speak about your location and how we can work together!
  • Drones seems to be your speciality, but what if I also need Traditional Cinematography?
    Our Production team is fully capable capturing a range of Cinematography from the Sky and Ground! We get hired a lot for our amazing aerials, but we also take many project from storyboards to the editing room, including commercial promos, music videos, documentaries, and films! Check out our YouTube for the full version of some of our projects:
  • How do you achieve a Safe Indoor Drone Flight?
    Above all else, a safe indoor drone flight requires patience and careful planning . With the cooperation of the venue and location staff our team of Visual Observers work closely with the Drone Pilot to navigate a safe flight pattern. When flying indoors we also take extra precautions such as installing propellor guards and booking a test flight day in advance.
  • You advertise a lot of Video, do you also offer Drone Photography Services?
    Absolutely! We advertise a lot of video, but we have plenty clients requesting drone photos, as well. We can discuss booking a day of just drone photography or adding it in to an already existing video package.
  • What FAA drone qualifications do you have?
    All of our drone pilots must carry a current Part 107 license registered with the FAA. This license must be renewed every two years for unmanned air vehicle (UAV) pilots operating within the United States.
  • Do you need any special permits with the NYPD to fly in New York City?
    Yes, AEROCINE Films is one of the few companies obtaining NYPD Drone permits within the five boroughs of NYC. To obtain this permit, a project application and fee of $150 must be submitted to the NYPD at least 2 weeks before date of the drone operations.
  • Do I have to do any other applications?
    After you work with us to map out the flight plans for your project, we will take care of the rest!
  • Are there any other permits you can get for Drone Operations?
    Some FAA flight restrictions can be waived with an FAA waiver application. To learn more about those visit here: Or contact us today to discuss your project and the process.

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